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Reliable Information on Social Service Organizations & Free Community Resources

How it Works

Chicago Resource Hub is a simple and sweet search tool to connect you with the best fit social service agency in Chicago.

This project began as one social worker's ( David John Coleman II, Software Engineer & LCSW ) personal referral database to support the teenagers he worked with as a consulting therapist in Chicago Public School's student Re-engagement Center, SOAR Center.  If you work with social services or health organizations that serve diverse populations in Chicago, you have likely been using referral and resource documents that are difficult to share with colleagues, not searchable, tiresome to access, tedious to organize, and too complicated when trying to share, transfer, or give/explain to clients, students, participants, or patients.  Usually an organization does not keep a large guide/ database, but instead each individual worker is expected to create their own referral guide, which adds to the disorganization, and problems with access.

With Chicago Resource Hub, you don't have to deal with any of those problems, so long as you have an internet connection, and there you have an unrestricted guide to services open to the public in Chicago.  The database includes phone numbers, addresses, websites, services offered, and other informational details from social service organizations that provide unique social services in ChicagoLand.  Services are organized by category, neighborhood of Chicago, Region of Chicago, and can be focused to search for specific populations such as: immigration support, DCFS, LGBTQ Support, Youth, after school programs, Women's services, and many other services.  Services can be easily printed out.

There are three main sections of this website: (1) Get Data, (2) Map and (3) More Resources, and

  • Get Data is the page with the Search Engine that allows you to search by neighborhood and resource that you are seeking to find.  To view the results listed out, you have to click the "List View" button; otherwise, you will see the "Map View," which is the default view. Listed here are the search terms for Get Data. You may also search by neighborhood or region of Chicago, or by population type.

    Various or Large Organizations, Advocacy/ Activism, After School, After School Matters, Art, Art: Design, Drawing, Painting, Art: Drama, Theater, Dance, Art: Media/ Music, Athletics, Cash (Emergency), Case Management (Referrals), Community Support, Computer, Internet, Tech, Condom Distribution, Counseling, Criminal Justice System, DCFS, Foster Care, Wards, Department of Human Services (DHS), Disability, Domestic Violence, Early Childhood Education, Education, Emergency / Crisis, Emergency / Crisis (Phone Number), Employment / Job, Family Planning, Federally Qualified Health Care (FQHC), Field: Baseball, Field: Basketball Court (Outdoor), Field: Track, Field: Football / Soccer, Financial Literacy, Fitness Center, Food Groceries (Pantry), Gang, GED, Greencorps, Gymnasium, Head Start, Health Care, Help or Crisis Phone Number, HIV/ AIDS, Home Visits, Homeless, Housing (also search Shelter below), Immigrant (OR Refugee), Inpatient, Legal, Library (Public), Lifeguard Training, LGBTQ, Medicaid, Medication, Mentoring, Mental Health Treatment, OBGYN/ Midwife, One Summer Chicago, Outpatient, Parenting, Park, Police Station, Pool, Pregnant, Public Internet, Playground, Psych/ Development Evaluations, Recreation, Residential, RISE (Mentoring, Juvenile Justice), Senior, Elder, Shelter, Shelter (Youth Specific), Shelter or Housing or Residential, SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Ast., Soup Kitchen, Spanish, Substance Abuse, Summer Programs, Support Group, (TANF) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Taxes, Thrift Shop, Tutoring, Urban Farm / Garden, Warming & Cooling Station, Wildlife/ Nature/ Environment, Women, Women, Infants, Children (WIC), Workforce Center (WIOA), Youth

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  • Map Section is on the same page as Get-Data of Chicago Resource Hub.  This option, called "Map View," displays all of the data on a map that you can search for yourself.  This section uses the same Search Tool as the "List View," but is an option for those that find a visual representation more appealing.

    For more help on the search engine, see: Search Engine Hints Tips, and Notes

  • More Resources is the page that displays other databases and links to more information about social service organizations in Chicago. This page has many other links to other websites, companies, and databases, that specialize in connecting Resources and Social Services Organizations in Chicago. Navigate to that page to see all the excellent support resources.