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The V!NG Project · $1000 Give Away Video Contest for Teens

giVING. receiVING. belieVING. The V!NG Project


How it Works

Teens 14–18 from across the country are invited to make a 2-minute video and answer the VING question: If you had $1,000 to give to a person in need, who would you VING it to?  Every month, teens behind the most inspiring videos will get to do just that: Be the giver of $1,000 to a person in need and change their life. Know an amazing teen always looking out for others while believing in a brighter future? Invite them to be a part of the next generation of giving – the VING Project!

Youth can use their phones to record videos!
Watch more informational Videos here:  On The View
Examples of other teens: Constantine from St. Ignatius College Prep. High School  ·  Aaron gave to his High School Friend  ·  18 year old Annie


Rules of VING

Check out all the rules below before submitting your video.

All for one, and one for all.

The VING Project was created to support individuals in need. In the spirit of 1-to-1 giving, each VING submission must be for one person/recipient only. Individuals or teams of students may create and submit an entry together. For those participating in a group, the student whose name appears as the primary contact on the Applicationwill be considered the team leader and will be the primary point of contact for the team. Only one entry per student, whether individual or group participation, per 30 days. Recipients must be over the age of 18 and someone from outside of applicant’s immediate and/or extended family.

Limitless generosity, limited age.

The VING Project is open to students ages 14–18 across all 50 states. To spread the good vibes around for all, at this time, selected teens cannot reapply to VING again. Each school is eligible for up to 10 selected VINGs per school year.

First name basis.

To protect privacy, no last names please. Introduce yourself in the video by using your first name only. When talking about the person you’d like to VING to, please only use their first name or feel free to not use their name at all, i.e. “my neighbor,” “a student at my school.”

Short, sweet, and online. Anytime.

All video submissions must be 2-minutes or less in length. Remember to hold your phone side to side so the video is wide. All entries must be submitted online. Students must complete the online Application and include the link to their VING Video. *If you would prefer to submit your video application privately, you may also email it to*.  There is no deadline for submission. We are continuously accepting VING applications, and recipients will be notified on a rolling basis.

Capture the moment.

VING recipients will be announced monthly. All VING submissions will be judged and granted based on potential impact. If applicant is selected, they will be asked to personally deliver the $1,000 VING check to their chosen recipient and document the delivery with photo or video. All VING checks must be hand-delivered by applicant to recipient.

Share your story.

Entrants grant permission to VING Project to use their names, likenesses and entries for promotional purposes related to VING Project, without compensation from VING Project. By submitting an entry, entrants (i) represent that their entries constitute original works of creativity that do not violate the property rights of any other person, and (ii) grant VING Project the right to exhibit, distribute, televise and otherwise use the entries in various media. All entries become the property of the VING Project.